A Leader’s North Star

In days gone by, mariners made their way through seas and vast oceans using a system called celestial navigation. This astronavigation involved using “sights” between the visible horizon and a celestial body such as the sun, moon, or one of 57 stars. The most popular of those stars was Polaris, commonly referred to as the […]


Making the Most with Millennials

The operational review had been scheduled for over two weeks, so where was the employee? Her day started at 7:30am, and several clients were already in line along with me awaiting her arrival. I glanced at my watch again; she was now over eight minutes late. I turned to one of her customers and asked, […]


Much Ado about Lincoln?

There has been a lot of attention given to Lincoln lately. A major motion picture has highlighted his presidency and leads the Oscar nominations at a stunning dozen. Since the fall of 2011, Bill O’Reilly’s book, Killing Lincoln, has climbed the charts and has now sold over one million copies. All this attention begs the […]


Generational Leadership: Generations at Work

What do a 55–year-old CEO, a 38–year-old manager, and a 22–year-old intern have in common? Definitely not their favorite music. Probably not their style of communication (email versus Twitter). Maybe their Starbucks habit. The one thing these age groups absolutely have in common is that they’re all members of today’s workforce; many of them are […]

By Rebecca Wilke | LEADing Edge Topics

Oversight vs. Overreach

There seems to be mounting evidence that some modern-day leaders are trending toward overreach as opposed to oversight in their roles and responsibilities. Currently we are witnessing such overreach in government as programs and policies expand to “assist” people make decisions that our Founders felt were best left to individuals. But the tendency to overreach […]

By Rebecca Wilke | Hall of Fame Leaders . What's Happening

The Art of Shepherding

During the holidays, we are reminded of the famous story of shepherds watching over their flocks by night. Those lonely figures scattered on hillsides with mangy sheep seem foreign to most of us in the 21st century. But did you know that shepherds will still be roaming mountains and valleys this season while we enjoy […]

By Rebecca Wilke | Hall of Fame Leaders . What's Happening

Goldfish Economics

How much is a trillion? This seems like a simple enough question, and most of us would answer with two words: “a lot.” But really, shouldn’t we have a more detailed reply—especially when the economic debt in the United States has now reached the astounding sixteen-plus trillion mark? Perhaps one of the best explanations I’ve […]


The Bare Facts about Accountability

Story-telling has been one of the oldest and lasting methods for imparting important lessons from one generation to the next. No matter the culture, complex issues could be dealt with by evoking a fable-like tale for the most fundamental facts. So, today we’d like to explore the critical nature of Accountability by reviewing the escapades […]



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