True Grit

You may have noticed that there’s been a lot of conversation lately about “grit.” This issue has arisen partly due to societal concerns about Millennials’ and their younger counterparts’, the so-called “911 Generation,” lack of resolve, determination, and perseverance. In reality, though, there are members of every generation in today’s workforce who could use more […]

By Rebecca Wilke | LEADing Edge Topics . What's Happening

Appreciation: The Culture that Changes You

As I re-read the email, I could hardly believe it had been sent a month plus a few days before I lost a good friend and colleague. His death had been sudden, and the sadness of his loss has greatly impacted all of us who had the chance to know Jay. Personally, he loved life […]

By Rebecca Wilke | LEADing Edge Topics . What's Happening

Rest and Better Brain Power

I read a detailed article recently on the importance of rest and the brain’s ability to function at maximum capacity. Although the length of the article alone nearly put me to sleep after a long day, I found much of the evidence shared in the Scientific American piece extremely valuable. I especially needed to be […]

By Jared Wilke | What's Happening

10 Goals for Today’s Working Women (and the men in your lives!) Part I

This blog is for everyone, so don’t stop reading! If you are a man, please read this and then pass it on to a woman in your life.  It could be a colleague, friend, or perhaps your wife or daughter.  Let her know that the following thoughts are from a leadership coach with thirty years […]


Leadership Lessons from Far, Far Away

*Sometimes a simple story reminds us of where we need to grow, so enjoy the leadership fable you’ll find below! Long, long ago in a place called Far, Far Away Life was sweet and pleasant, both night and day. The king and queen led with a fair, balanced hand So men, women and children thrived […]


Gilded Age Guilt

Several blogs ago, I mentioned a visit to Newport, Rhode Island that provided an interesting perspective on leadership—past and present. Along the glistening shoreline of the Atlantic, a heritage of U.S. history remains preserved for future generations to enjoy. In addition to viewing mansions like The Breakers, Marble House, and Beechwood, I also gained two […]


Beliefs Change Your Brain, Part II

In the past, we’ve discussed how your beliefs can impact your brain—which in the case of constant stress will be damaging over time. There’s an upside to your belief system, though, and that includes rational thinking and making principled decisions. Let’s take a moment to find out exactly where our beliefs and choices are made. […]


The House that Vanderbilt Built

Recently, I spent a glorious day in a quaint area of New England where the Industrial Age’s rich and famous built their summer “cottages.” I emphasize the word cottage because this is what wealthy families in the late 19th and early 20th centuries called their Newport, Rhode Island homes. These edifices were simply summer get-always, […]



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