This is Your Brain. This is your Brain on Technology

With the anticipated approach of Apple’s latest and greatest “toy,” I started thinking about all the different ways that technology has impacted our lives. It has made us more efficient—I can now respond to an email while listening to a live newscast as I check out at the grocery store. But have any of us […]

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Open-Loop Systems

As a Physician, I am confronted daily with the human body’s closed-loop systems. Take the cardiovascular system, for example—the heart beats, blood is pumped from the heart through an intricate network of tunnels that nourish the extremities of the body, and the blood returns. My circulatory system functions rhythmically throughout the day and is self-regulating. […]

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If You’re Micro-Managing, You’re not Leading

A few days ago, the Harvard Business Review blog discussed how it is in the best interest for executives and project managers to micro-manage their teams. In that blog, the recent multi-billion dollar loss of JPMorgan and Chase under CEO Jamie Diamond was used as an example of why business leaders need to micro-manage everything […]

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