LEADon University® and Jump 212 bring their passion for your personal and professional development directly to you. This online learning opportunity is designed just for you focusing on improving your Emotional Quotient, your leadership skill sets, and the culture in your Corporate Family®.

LEADon University® is an advanced online learning experience that is designed to give you access to learning anytime, anyplace. Our vision is to equip 21st century leaders who want to develop high performance teams and an exceptional corporate culture in order to increase their productivity and profitability through LEADon’s principle-based approach. The Developing Emotional Competency Questionnaire (DECQ)® will give you more than 170 data points on the quality of EQ in yourself, your team, and in your entire Corporate Family®. Our online courses identify the problems in life and business we all face and provide solutions that will transform personal and professional lives.

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Please see Drs. Wilke, Tyson and Jacky King as they share their vision for developing team members’ personal and professional lives.

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