The Art of Shepherding

During the holidays, we are reminded of the famous story of shepherds watching over their flocks by night. Those lonely figures scattered on hillsides with mangy sheep seem foreign to most of us in the 21st century. But did you know that shepherds will still be roaming mountains and valleys this season while we enjoy […]

By Rebecca Wilke | Hall of Fame Leaders . What's Happening

Goldfish Economics

How much is a trillion? This seems like a simple enough question, and most of us would answer with two words: “a lot.” But really, shouldn’t we have a more detailed reply—especially when the economic debt in the United States has now reached the astounding sixteen-plus trillion mark? Perhaps one of the best explanations I’ve […]


The Bare Facts about Accountability

Story-telling has been one of the oldest and lasting methods for imparting important lessons from one generation to the next. No matter the culture, complex issues could be dealt with by evoking a fable-like tale for the most fundamental facts. So, today we’d like to explore the critical nature of Accountability by reviewing the escapades […]


“Your Lack of Faith Disturbs Me”

A blog post for Forbes Magazine recently covered the major lessons that can be learned from the Galactic Empires’ leadership mistakes in the original Star Wars trilogy. The author discusses five mistakes that leaders in our world should learn from. While you can read the original post at the Forbes website, but here is a […]


The Keys to Setting Personal Boundaries

Learning to set appropriate boundaries is an essential part of everyday life. It is especially vital to being an exceptional leader. While none of us can force anyone to act in healthy and meaningful ways, we can set boundaries. Offering someone a choice in how to relate is an opportunity we all have and should […]

By LEADon University | Hall of Fame Leaders . LEADing Edge Topics

Leaders Improve Their Impact with Empathic Listening

Have you ever been in a discussion with someone and thought, “I don’t have time for this?” We all rush through our roles and responsibilities with tasks to accomplish, people to help, and goals to meet. Without thinking, it’s easy to forget how to listen and then jump to inaccurate conclusions. But there is a […]

By LEADon University | Hall of Fame Leaders . LEADing Edge Topics

Straight Line Leadership

“A man does not call a line crooked unless he has some idea of a straight line.” -C.S. Lewis Straight lines are absolutely necessary for every leader. There is no substitute for having clear and definitive boundaries in business that everyone, including all Leaders, are accountable to. As C.S. Lewis alluded to, no Corporate Family […]

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