How to Hire: Part I

One of the most difficult decisions any leader makes is determining which candidate, sometimes from among dozens, should be hired for a position. After all, what happens if you select an individual who ends up to be the wrong fit for your Corporate Family and then miss adding “the one” who might have worked out […]

By Rebecca Wilke | LEADing Edge Topics

Leadership Lessons from Guantanamo Bay

When we received an email asking if the LEADon team would be willing to visit Guantanamo Bay to teach leadership lessons  with the troops stationed there, our initial reaction came in the form of two questions: What could ordinary civilians like us possibly have to say to highly-trained military personnel? That was followed promptly by: […]

By Rebecca Wilke | LEADing Edge Topics

Corporate Parenting

There’s an interesting dynamic in every organization across the globe: Corporate Parenting. And while few business graduate programs study this aspect of management and leadership, at LEADon we contend that those who guide your company ought to operate as parents to your Corporate Family. In our book, Corporate Family Matters, we break down the roles […]


Gilded Age Guilt

Several blogs ago, I mentioned a visit to Newport, Rhode Island that provided an interesting perspective on leadership—past and present. Along the glistening shoreline of the Atlantic, a heritage of U.S. history remains preserved for future generations to enjoy. In addition to viewing mansions like The Breakers, Marble House, and Beechwood, I also gained two […]


The “Big 3” of Leadership Development

Some time ago, word got back to the LEADon team that someone had pulled an employee of one of our clients aside and warned her about the mentor to whom she had been assigned. “If you work with that consultant,” the anonymous person advised, “you’ll get fired!” The funny thing is, this employee wasn’t fired. […]


More Fun, More Often

Did you know there is growing evidence that having a playful work environment increases the creativity of your employees? Perhaps that’s why companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Whole Foods are embracing a new business philosophy that includes more fun in their corporate culture. For decades the image of “corporate” has trended toward suit and tie […]


Beliefs Change Your Brain, Part II

In the past, we’ve discussed how your beliefs can impact your brain—which in the case of constant stress will be damaging over time. There’s an upside to your belief system, though, and that includes rational thinking and making principled decisions. Let’s take a moment to find out exactly where our beliefs and choices are made. […]


How Beliefs Change Your Brain

We’ve talked before about how our core beliefs impact the interpretation of events and our actions, but did you know that your beliefs actually change your brain? Tim Jennings, President of the American Psychiatric Association’s Tennessee chapter, likens the relationship to a fire alarm, much like the ones in your office building. This ‘fire alarm’ […]

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