Endurance: Necessary Fitness in Leadership

At first, hiking Cathedral Rock Trail seemed like a terrific way to spend a spring afternoon while vacationing with family in Sedona, Arizona.  Little did I realize the “short, steep ascent” the guide casually mentioned would be steeped in leadership lessons that I would not soon forget.  Actually, several of those lessons have been extremely […]


Persistence Pays Off

Everyone appreciates survival stories, and Tony Vaccaro’s life has been full of them. He endured time with an abusive relative after being orphaned at age five in Italy. Years later as an American GI, Vaccaro survived the Battle of Normandy in WWII, becoming a famous wartime photographer in the process. His most recent accomplishment is becoming […]


Reopening Your Business in a COVID-19 Environment

Corporate Families® across the United States and abroad are beginning to reopen for business and a frequently asked question  is how to reconnect with clientele and  encourage their “post-pandemic” patronage. After all, many customers are still concerned about COVID-19.  Lots of others have been left unemployed or underemployed, so spending their limited resources will involve […]


To the Moon and Back: NASA-Based Lessons on Virtual Problem-Solving

“Uh Houston, we’ve had a problem.” Many people remember this shocking statement uttered by astronaut Jim Lovell about Apollo 13’s status.  Others are simply familiar with this iconic announcement, which is still often used to signify the gravity of a particular situation.  In April of 1970, the status of Apollo 13 couldn’t have been more serious, […]


LEADing with Hope

“The reflection of my situation and that of this army produces many an uneasy hour when all around me are wrapped in sleep. Few people know the predicament we are in.” When he penned these words in 1776, George Washington couldn’t have known how applicable they would be to 21st century leaders.  No matter what […]


Self-Control: Managing Potential Disruptive Emotions and Impulses

She was the best of workers; he was the worst.  She was the epitome of exceptional customer service; he was the antithesis. Indeed, a book written about these two members of the same Corporate Family® could very well be titled A Tale of Two Employees. Observers to the diametrically different team members summed up the […]


Team Capabilities: Creating Group Synergy in Pursuing Collective Goals

Some people love working on teams, but there are also many individuals who dislike, and even dread, the thought of being part of a group. Maybe you’re one of the latter, or perhaps you are struggling with Corporate Family® members who demonstrate, one way or another, that they aren’t interested in being team players. Decades […]


Initiative: The Readiness to Act on Opportunity

Have you ever heard of Mary Fields—also known as Stagecoach Mary?  If not, you probably aren’t alone.  Yet Mary Fields, like so many people who helped forge the westward expansion of the United States in the 1800s, is an individual who embodies Initiative. Mary Fields was born into slavery in 1832.  Freed after the Civil […]

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