Celebrating Your Family

Celebrating Your Family

Did you know you are part of three distinct families?  First, all of us have a Family of Origin (FOO)—the one we were born into and/or in which we were raised.  Next, many of us have a Family of Procreation (FOP).  This is the familial unit some have created, or, for others, are still hoping and planning on making one day.  Finally, once we are employed, we become part of an organization that LEADon® refers to as a Corporate Family® (CF). 

While each of these families often function in different ways, there are also many similarities—and this includes the need for celebrations. Celebrating within any family unit is critical, and today’s leaders must understand and embrace this reality in their Corporate Family settings.  Why? Because people need “to do something special or enjoyable for an important event, occasion, (or) holiday”—and they tend to thrive when they receive “praise” or are recognized for doing something “great or important” (see  further definitions for the term ‘celebrate’ at https://www.britannica.com/dictionary/celebrate ).  

In Corporate Family Matters:  Creating and Developing Organizational Dynasties (Wilke & Wilke, 2010), we explain Corporate Family dynamics in great detail.  We also recommend that leaders like you consider how you can incorporate the following celebrations throughout the calendar year:  

  • Established Celebrations:  These events represent important occasions for your organization.  This would include the founding of your company, pivotal or poignant dates in the company’s history and, of course, the recognition of national, state, or local holidays.  Calendar these events and plan some sort of celebration that all team members can enjoy. 
  • Personal and Professional Celebrations: People have an innate need to be recognized and appreciated (see our blog “Cultivating a ‘Culture of Appreciation’ in Your Corporate Family”), and one of the easiest ways for leaders to do this is by celebrating individuals’ personal and professional achievements.  Everything from birthdays to earning a professional certification can be acknowledged in some small, yet significant manner. And any achievement by people, whether individually or in teams, that adds to your organization’s success should receive attention and appreciation of some sort. 
  • Surprise Celebrations: Sometimes the best celebratory events are complete surprises. Perhaps your organization met a business goal this year, or last quarter’s revenue was better than anticipated. Why not mark that unexpected achievement with an impromptu get-together? Facetime and celebrating are terrific morale boosters, and if you add some free food and beverages, who wouldn’t be happy? If it’s too difficult to meet in person because team members are widely dispersed, then simply send a gift card with a personal note from leadership—surprising the recipients while also specifying the reason for the spontaneous reward. 

As you and your leadership team consider creating and/or cultivating more of these celebratory events within your Corporate Family, take time to ponder the advice given in a March 2022 Forbes post:  “Find what works for you. Find what makes the individuals within your company tick. Celebrations don’t have to cost thousands. Instead, they should be tailored to your team” (read more of David Villa’s article, “How Celebrating Success Can Lead to More of It” at www.forbes.com). 

Finally, don’t forget to recognize your own personal and professional achievements too. As Villa points out, “ Leadership is one of the hardest jobs in existence, and it doesn’t get easier—you just get better. Be humble but also be sure that you share your wins with peers. Be proud of all that you have accomplished.” This singular act of appreciation can serve as a model for what you hope to achieve throughout your company:  a celebratory culture that truly values individual, team, and corporate achievements. 

As you take time to celebrate in the days ahead, the team at LEADon wishes you and yours the very best. If we can be of assistance as you continue to develop and maintain your Corporate Family culture, feel free to contact us at 858.592.0700.  And if you’d like to peruse our leadership resources, including helpful posts at The LEADing Blog, please go to www.LEADonUniversity.com