Fast-tracking Relationships

Leaders who’ve interacted with LEADon for any amount of time quickly learn two tenets we share about relationships based on years of professional research:

  • “Relationships are the center of the universe—without relationships nothing you do really matters.”
  • “Relational equity is the most important asset you will ever possess.”

Think about those two statements for a few minutes.  Are they as true for you as they are for thousands of individuals LEADon team members have interacted with over several decades?  Would you agree that relating to others is so integral to your life that it is at the core of most everything you do?  In addition, when you consider what you’ll be reflecting upon at the end of your life, will anything else matter more than those people to whom you are closest?

  • When we share these two definitive principles, we never have anyone contest them—not even the most influential CEOs, CFOs or any other veteran leader.
  • What we do get asked from time to time is this:  Is there any way to fast-track good relationships since they are so critical?

The answer is yes—and no. Yes, you can “fast-track” the importance of building strong relationships, and you should!  You and every member of your Corporate Family® are relational beings—and so are your clients.  Therefore, placing a priority on learning how to develop and maintain exceptional relationships for the benefit of your organization as well as its long-term significance and success ought to be fast-tracked to the top of your business strategies.

So, what about the “no” portion of LEADon’s answer?  Developing the ability to relate well with others, including identifying and improving EQ skill sets, takes time.  Fortunately, LEADon has spent years creating and using the Developing Emotional Competency Questionnaire® (DECQ®) to support individuals, teams, and entire corporate families in this process—along with its corresponding Developing Your Emotional Competence to Improve Your EQ®’ online course.  With the implementation of this easy-to-use online assessment and its corresponding coursework at, you can accelerate the process of discovering where and how you need to improve to build better relationships, both personally and professionally.

As a leader, you can strategically augment your relational abilities—and you can also create opportunities for your Corporate Family® members to interact more successfully in the future.  We’ve seen the positive results of this type of intentional effort across the world. Your clients understand the importance of good relationships, your Corporate Family® needs them, and so do you.

If you would like support improving relational skill sets in yourself, your team and/or your Corporate Family®, please contact us at 858.592.0700—or visit us as  Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have about the DECQ®, our online courses, and LEADon’s customized services.