Leadership Lessons from the North Pole

Over the years, we have appreciated being involved with organizations during the holiday season. Many take time to celebrate your Corporate Family®—from reflecting on accomplishments to acknowledging employees for all of the contributions they’ve made during the preceding months. We’ve also shared this fun list of “leadership lessons” that we’ve complied, putting our own Corporate Family Matters spin on the subject. Here’s hoping you enjoy all of the spirit that this year-end season brings as well as great productivity and profitability in the New Year!

  1. Keep Your Passion for the Work

Santa has a Vision for something bigger than himself! What’s yours?

  1. Create a Magical Workshop

The Corporate Culture you help define will inspire and empower your Corporate Family.

  1. Surround Yourself with Great Helpers

Gather “Hall of Fame” team members who exemplify your Corporate Culture.

  1. Make the List—Then Check it Twice

When your Vision, Mission, and Values are clearly defined, hold everyone accountable to them.

  1. Know Your Clientele

Santa and the team know the needs of their clients—and they adjust with changing times to exceed expectations.

  1. Keep Lines of Communication Open

Even the misfit toys had innovative ideas that positively impacted the business model.

  1. Don’t Get Stuck!

Santa almost lost Rudolph because he got temporarily trapped into old patterns of doing business.

  1. Develop Your Leaders

Santa made time each year to equip his team—even including fun events like “Reindeer Games.”

  1. Reward According to Who Has Been Naughty and Nice

Give rewards to those who meet and exceed expectations (performance-based incentives), and offer “free agency” for those who aim low or simply don’t fit your Corporate Family’s performance-based environment.

  1. Take Time to Rest

Santa knows about personal and professional life balance. He gives and gives, but then he takes some “down time” to rest, reflect, and re-energize for the work ahead.