Lessons from the Core: Professional Core Strength

I’ve been thinking a lot about the term “core” lately, and not just because of Common Core standards that occasionally dominate the news as their impact on schools is being evaluated nationwide.  I don’t appear to be the only one focused on this word either.  In fact, if you do a Google search of “core,” you will discover over 1.3 billion references that utilize the term—which has over thirteen definitions, including “a basic, essential, or enduring part.”

This particular description hits home for those of us at LEADon because we recognize how building professional core strength, whether individually or corporately, allows for success now (the basic and essential) and in the future (the enduring part).  Indeed, in our book The Leading Edge, we discuss the intentional effort necessary to develop and maintain your leadership skill sets as well as those of your High Performance Team (HPT).  This process is much like the core strength emphasized in any exercise regimen, from Pilates to weight training.  It takes time and effort to develop the core that is necessary for success in any physical activity.

In the same way, your team and Corporate Family® require specific strategies for professional core strength too.  Some of these strategies include:

  1. Developing rapport between your HPT members
  2. Building high levels of trust between individuals and teams
  3. Assisting team members in communicating at the highest level
  4. Holding your HPT members accountable to resolving conflict
  5. Practicing techniques for team unity

When people specifically target their core, fitness experts assert that the rest of the body benefits by functioning at higher levels.  So too, when individuals and teams learn and apply exceptional leadership skills, their increasing “core strength” positively impacts their organization’s overall productivity and profitability.

Working on our core—whether personally or professionally—can be challenging, but the benefits will soon be felt by all involved.  If you’d like to learn additional strategies about how you and your Corporate Family® can develop and maintain outstanding leadership skill sets check out Chapters 6 and 7 of The Leading Edge, review our LEADon blogs, or contact us directly for a personal consultation with one of our leadership experts.