What Makes a High-Performance Team?

Podcast #09: High Performance Team from LEADon on Vimeo.


Welcome to Episode 9 of our video blog series! In this podcast, Drs. Jared and Steve discuss how you can assist your Corporate Family® members in becoming high-performing in all aspects of their roles and responsibilities. Like many parts of leadership, setting the bar of “high performance” must begin at the top—so leaders must first role model attributes that they want employees to exhibit. Those in leadership must also be intentional in their efforts to equip all team members with the skills necessary to achieve at the highest level possible.

There are three essential aspects leaders must understand if they hope to have high-performance teams in their Corporate Family. The first step involves “fielding” —in other words, seeking and hiring the right individuals to join your Corporate Family in the first place. The second step includes the development of the teams that are part of your organization. This entails equipping employees with the skills necessary to successfully fulfill their roles and responsibilities. Finally, all teams must be maintained over time. This requires leaders to continually strive to educate, equip, evaluate, and offer feedback to employees so that everyone can maintain highperformance status.

Learn how these three aspects of creating High-Performance Teams— fielding, developing, and maintaining—can be integrated into your Corporate Family. Also, discover ideas about how to utilize cascading and mentoring so you will not only keep pace with but also out-perform your competitors because of the high-performers who comprise your Corporate